About Flamingos


Flamingos is run by a committee of volunteers which formed in June 2019. It was initially set up by Beth Caygill a registered childminder, with OFSTED, and nurse, with the NMC. Beth is a parent of a child with CMPA, and four other food intolerances. Beth knows first-hand what it is like and with the minimal support for families and safe areas to play for children, she decided to set up a play group that offers these things.

All of our playgroup leaders are DBS checked and hold current First Aid Certificates.

 We are looking for parents/careers, who share our passion and would like to join us and offer their support and knowledge to other families as well as any creative ideas to help move Flamingos forward.

About our Baby & Toddler Group

Flamingos is a playgroup ideal for newborns to 4 year olds. The group is free from food and drink so that children can play with others and toys in safety, with no fear of a reaction. Playgroups are vital as they can develop the skills such as interaction, relationship building and communication.

Our aim is for children to play and have fun and for parents/careers to receive support from ourselves and other parents/careers that know what it’s like living with and caring for a child with allergies/intolerances and health conditions affected by food for example coeliac disease or EOE.

It is our hope that the parents/careers that attend will be respectful of those that have reactions to foods different to their child/children and comply with the no food and drink policy and the free from food and drink on clothes, pushchairs/car seats, hands and faces.

There are hand washing facilities in the building, if these policies are not adhered to then you will be asked to leave, to maintain the safety of the children in the room.

Group Rules

1. Respect the No food or drink policy to ensure the safety of ALL children attending the playgroup.
2. Ensure that hands, clothes and pushchairs/baby seats are clean and free from food to ensure the safety of all children attending the playgroup.
3. Ensure that your child/children’s hands are washed before entering the playgroup.
4. Paid £5 membership on registration. (Please see website for full membership benefits)
5. Take full responsibility of your child/children during their time at Flamingos, from entering the premises and leaving and ensure they are supervised at all times.
6. Please respect other families and DO NOT bring your child/children to Flamingos’ if they are suffering from any infections or within 48 hours of any diarrhea/vomiting.
7. Agree to Flamingos storing your child’s details, securely, confidentially, and inform Flamingos should any information change.
8. Sign yourself and child/children into Flamingos on the designated sign in form (fire policy-for your own protection) and sign out if you leave early.
9. All money to Flamingos, will ensure that it continues.
10. Park all pushchairs in the designated area.
11. Please be aware of the fire safety poster and follow instructions given.
12. Please take home all rubbish and soiled nappies.
13. There is a NO smacking and NO shouting policy at Flamingos.


Please be respectful for all policies and guidelines. These are in place to ensure that all, who attend Flamingos, are provided the same supportive and enriching environment. Thank you.