Making Allergies easier

What are our Goals & Objectives

To Reduce Isolation

Flamingos offers an environment with a reduced risk of reaction for children living with allergies or conditions affected by food

Build Friendships

Our aim is to help eliminate this and provide a group that families can come to for support and make life long friendships

Promote Awareness

It is our mission to help make living with allergies easier for all, young and old.

Provide Support

We are here for anyone who is living with allergies and conditions affected by food

So far we have raised £200 towards our £5,500 target! Help us reach our goal either donating below or finding us at any of our fundraising events.

Volunteer with Us

Flamingos is a non-profit group which relies solely on volunteers and donations. We are always on the look out for anyone wishing to join our team.

Frequently asked questions

Flamingos is a unique non profit group, with the aim to be a registered and recognised charity, offering support for all ages and to provide a safe environment for children to learn and develop. 

We offer playgroups which is free from food and drink so that children can play with others and toys in safety, with reduced risk of reaction. These groups are essential to early years as they can assist in developing the skills such as interaction, relationship building and communication.

We are asked, why is Flamingos special? Why cannot children go to normal play groups?

Young children do not understand it is not safe to put foreign objects in their mouth and often these objects are contaminated with food traces that can trigger a deadly allergic reaction. Therefore normal behaviours we take for granted can be dangerous for another. This embeds fear and constant worry in parents.

Yes, anyone can join our volunteering team. You do not need to know about allergies but are open to learn about what it is like to live with allergies. Come to any of the events we are at or contact us if you would like more information.